Ask New England's direct marketing "movers and shakers" how they got their start in the business and you'll often hear, "NEDMA."


Past Presidents

2010-2012 Mary Ann Kleinfelter, President, Marketing Solutions Today
2008-2010 Gary Lubarsky, Marketing Manager, IBM
2006-2008 Craig Blake, VP of Sales, W.A. Wilde Company
2005-2006 Dennis Driscoll, VP & General Manager, Epsilon
2004-2005 Tom Tringale, Creative Director, Thompson Habib Denison, Inc.
2003-2004 Alex MacAaron, Creative Director & Queen B, Plan B Marketing Communications
2002-2003 Alan Rosenspan, President, Alan Rosenspan & Associates
2001-2002 Nancy Harhut, SVP, Managing Director Relationship Marketing, Hill, Holliday
2000-2001 Pam Sullivan, President/Creative Director, Sullivan Creative
1999-2000 Bob Cargill, Cargill Creative
1998-1999 Donna Baier Stein, President, Baier Stein Direct
1997-1998 Chet Mattera, President, ListPerfect, Inc.
1996-1997 Evelyn Milardo, Fidelity Investments
1995-1996 Paul Berenson, Chairman & CEO, Berenson & Company
1994-1995 Ed Lupo, Creative Director, Artistic Embroidery & Promotion
1993-1994 Gregg Sullivan, Pres. Database & Integrated Production Svcs., Protocol
1992-1993 Bob McCarthy, President, McCarthy & King Marketing, Inc
1991-1992 Mara Klein
1990-1991 Tammy Casserly, President, Wilde Direct
1989-1990 Linda McAleer, Senior Vice President, Millard Group, Inc.
1988-1989 Barry Silverstein, Arnold Worldwide
1987-1988 Steve Tharler, Chief Guide, THARLER DIRECTs
1986-1987 Carmen Baez, Omnicom Group
1985-1986 George Wojtkiewicz, President, GHW Associates
1984-1985 Bob Rotchford, Sr. Account Executive, MeadWestvaco
1983-1984 Vincent Tynan, Director of Marketing Support, Small Business Service Bureau
1982-1983 Hal Wollard
1981-1982 Katharine Barr, President, Katharine Barr & Associates
1980-1981 Larry Goldman, Maxwell Graphics
1979-1980 Bob Bloom
1978-1979 Don Ferris
1977-1978 Jane Francis
1976-1977 Pope Hoffman, President, The Marketing Company, Inc.
1975-1976 Brian Turley, President, Brian Turley & Company
1974-1975 Sylvia Koch
1973-1974 Bill Comstock
1972-1973 Dick Gilbert
1971-1972 Walter Boyd
1970-1971 Wilbur Jackson
1969-1970 Jim Danahy
1968-1969 A. Harvey Cinamon
1967-1968 Charles Butts
1966-1967 Gil Spencer
1965-1966 Steve Harris
1964-1965 Sam Gilvar
1963-1964 Stan Rice
1962-1963 Bob Walker

Other Past Presidents – prior to 1962

Andy Andrews
Donald Babson
Nathan Weinstock
Paul Butterworth
Dana Danforth
Henry Rosenberg
James Watson
Ted Southack
Frank Herbett
Jim Mosley
Carlton Richardson
Roger Spear
John Sweet
John A. Smith

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